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Classic Episode: Puppet The Psycho Dwarf and Jim Molineaux from Jun...
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Publish-date-icon August 27, 2010
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This past Saturday, June 26, 2010, False Count Radio, in association with Wrestlehustle.com had a very special 2-hour episode. In the first hour, the owner of Spike TV’s Half-Pint Brawlers, Puppet The Hardcore midget joined "The Pacific Coast Player" JT Evans, “Pure Poison” Viper and “Pitbull #!” Gary Wolf for an interview. www.blogtalkradio.com/falsecountradiopw/2010/06/26/false-count-radio-jim-molineaux

Puppet spoke about growing up as a wrestling fan and whether his training was different due to his size.

Puppet discussed the independent scene and traveling around the country

Puppet spoke about the riots that have occurred at shows he worked at as a result of using the term “midget wrestling”

Puppet talked about his early days, working for WWA.

Puppet discussed how working for WWA led into him working for NWA-TNA

He discussed him masturbating into a trash can and pulling a gun on Jeff Jarrett in the early days of NWA-TNA, and his recent one night return to TNA.

Puppet spoke about the recent Australian tour that he was a part of, as well as the prospect of a Japanese tour.

Puppet talked about how and why he started Half Pint Brawlers.

Puppet discussed his feelings when offered the contract from Spike TV.

Puppet discussed the critics, and Half Pint Brawlers being basically Jackass in a wrestling ring.

Puppet spoke about being the innovator of the $21 Staple Gun match.

Puppet talked about which he prefers, wrestling or stunts

Puppet talked about what to expect from the rest of the current season of Half-Pint Brawlers.

Half Pint Brawlers is on every week on Spike TV Wednesday nights at 11 PM Eastern/10 PM Central, and you can catch up on the show at www.halfpintbrawlers.com.

In the second half of the show, a special co-host, Andrew, joined the show when former ECW referee Jim Molineaux joined the show for an interview.

Jim spoke about who he liked watching as he was growing up as a professional wrestling fan.

Jim discussed what he wanted to do in the wrestling business growing up.

Jim spoke about the first match he refereed, including who was in it, and his feelings during it.

Jim spoke about WWE’s use of the ECW name, and the prospects of TNA using the style.

Jim talked about some of the most under-rated and over-rated wrestlers he has seen.

Jim spoke about training Sheamus, as well as some of the other wrestlers he has participated in training of.

Jim discussed some of the most memorable moments he has been in the ring for.

Jim discussed what he feels are the qualities of a good referee.

Jim talked about what he is doing in his daily life at this point.

Jim spoke about Premier Wrestling Alliance’s Wrestling out Cancer, which he will be a part of. Keep up on PWA at www.myspace.com/premierwrestling alliance.

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